Whangamata Kayaking

This was quite simply a brilliant day.

I will be really honest, the temperature was around 12 degrees and the sea temperature was similar, August is late winter in Whangamata.

I didn’t actually want to get out of bed.

But lying around in bed isn’t really an option at Surf n Stay and after the free breakfast it was clear that I would be doing the kayaking that I had agreed to the evening before.

So we got wet suited up and carried the Kayak and the SUP the 200 paces to the beach. Getting through the surf was harder than getting up had been, but after a near disaster when we lost the Kayak, with my GoPro unsecured inside, it made it!  We were out.

I can honestly say that this day in the kayak was one of my best experiences in New Zealand. We didn’t make it in to Donut Island as the swell was massive which made getting in dangerous and the likelihood of getting out impossible.

I will be going back to see the inside of that island for sure.

I recommend you visit Whangamata and do some kayaking with Kat, this is a brilliant experience.

Visit the Surf n Stay website and find out about all of the activities they offer including surf and surf lessons, supping, kayaking, fishing, yoga, bbq’s, home made pizza – the list goes on.

And be sure to say hello to Kat and the boys from me 🙂





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