Milford Sound Again

It’s a Monday in June and we’re in the beautiful fiord of Milford Sound, in the southwest of New Zealand’s South Island.

We’ve just been on a fantastic tour or Milford Sound with a tour company that we can’t remember the name of. We have gone from Milford all the way out to the Tasman sea, we saw some amazing views of the mountains.

Everyone was saying now is a good time to come out because it’s been raining so the waterfalls were massive. The sun finally came out today so it was all just absolutely beautiful.

We booked a “deal” so it was $99 for the cruise, an okay lunch, and then to the discovery center which was amazing. It’s a pontoon and you go down ten meters and can see everything going on in Milford Sound. There’s some big fish and starfish and it’s a funny green color and was all really awesome.

They say one of the best things about things about Milford Sound is the road—you can stop at the Chasm, two footbridges over the Cleddau River with views of waterfalls and other things.

You can stop at the Mirror lakes– small lakes with amazing views of the mountains reflected in the water. We’re actually in a hurry there now before the weather gets bad or before it gets too dark since we left the lights on and had to get a jump start.

We’d recommend the tour we did; it was all really beautiful as always.

New Zealand Travel Review’s expert opinion—visit the fiord of Milford Sound.
Have you been to this area? Do you want to go?
Anyway, if you know of any other activities that we’ve missed in Milford Sound, do so below in the comments! How does that sound?

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