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Hello there, I believe it’s Wednesday, somewhere near the 20th of April, I never really know.

I’ve spent the past two nights staying in the Pinewood Lodge in Queenstown. Accommodation was pretty average here but I stayed two nights because I didn’t have anything sorted and couldn’t be bothered to move.

Pinewood Lodge is pretty interesting, it has an industrial feel, it’s very busy, with a lot of turn over. The reason being it’s the cheapest Queenstown accommodation you’ll be able to find at $29 a night.

The price includes Wi-Fi that only really works in the lounge, which is decently nice. It’s quite an interesting set up, there’s lots of little chalets with 24 bunks in each chalet and about 25 chalets, each with it’s own bathroom.

How do I feel about my Queenstown Accommodation at the Pinewood Inn?

The people were amazing, both the people who worked there and all of the backpackers I’ve met. I met Colombians, Chileans, Italians, Hungarians, and some Irish—I may regret that later.

As far as the hostel itself, its not the best. It might be the worst I’ve stayed in in Queenstown. Accommodation is quite expensive here so it really is what it is—it’s the cheapest, it’s the most utilitarian, its clean enough. Overall, it serves its purpose.

Would I stay again? Hopefully not, but knowing me ill wait last minute and end up here again.

Should you stay here? If you’re low on budget and looking to meet people from all over, then maybe it’s a good choice for you.

All I can chalk it up to: it is what it is.

New Zealand Travel Review’s advice, definitely come down to Queenstown but maybe pass on the Pinewood Lodge unless you’re after the cheapest Queenstown Accommodation out there.

You can book your room at Pinewood lodge  here.

Did you stay at the Pinewood Lodge? Would you recommend it?

If so, leave a comment or review so people know what to expect and look forward to.

And if you know of any better Queenstown accommodation, or just have a story to share, do so below in the comments.

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