Lakefront Backpackers Te Anau Review

Greetings from Te Anau, a town nestled in the South Island on the eastern shore of Lake Te Anau—the largest lake in NZ aside from Lake Tuapo.

Why do people come here?

I spent two days kayaking here, there are tons of cruises up around Milford Sound which is beautiful, there’s glow worms in the caves here, all good things definitely worth seeing.

Today is the thirteenth of April, we’re leaving Te Anau in a bit of a hurry because there’s tons of snow, as you can see, and the roads may be closed soon. I’m now the proud owner of some snow jeans, stay tuned to see if I’ll need them.

We stayed last night at Lake Front Backpackers in Te Anau. Accommodation was $30 a night for a four bed dorm, and it was a- okay. The people were great, the staff was very friendly, the kitchen was very clean, the showers were good, the towels are $1.50.

The only bad thing I could say about the place is about their internet—they give 50 MB for free and its $5 for 500 MB that can only be used in the internet room. But then again maybe its not important to be using internet while traveling.

So overall, we’d stay there again and think you should give it a try.

We’re headed on out way now to Queenstown for some hiking and better weather which is desperately needed.
New Zealand Travel Review’s advice: come to Te Anau for some beautiful views and water sports, stay at Te Anau Backpackers for some quality accommodation and friendly people.

You can book your bunk for the night on their  website.

Have you stayed at Te Aanu Backpackers? Do you agree with our review?

Share stories about your Te Anau accommodation or adventures in the comments below.

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