Lake Tekapo, Lakeside Backpackers

It’s a Wednesday in Lake Takapo, and I haven’t seen much yet but so far its very beautiful. Come for the hot springs, the ice skating, the skiing (when it’s the season) come for the hikes, to see the church in front of the lake view. Apparently its absolutely stunning at sunrise, if you’re ambitious enough.

For my Lake Tekapo accommodation I stayed in the Lakeside Backpackers. It’s a great little hostel. They are definitely the closest to the lakeside view, which is absolutely beautiful. They’re also closest to the café with free internet.

I wasn’t feeling very social, so I booked a double room to myself which costs me $85 but I think a bunk would’ve cost me $30.

It was really clean, I didn’t cook or really engage there, just kept to myself.

Everyone stayed in watching movies, while enjoying a beautiful lakeside view in the background.

The showers were hit or miss, the Wi-Fi was $7 for unlimited access, but its not the speediest in the world.

Don’t do what I’m doing and come for just a day, you should spend some more time here.

I’d definitely recommend staying here, I enjoyed my Lake Tekapo accommodation very much.

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