Kat’s Surf Secrets

I’m here introducing Kat—cause Kat’s where it’s at.

I’m wondering how she’s qualified to run a hostel; she claims its from all of her traveling experience. She’s been surfing and snowboarding all over– from Europe, America, Central America, South America. She finally settled down in Rio where she opened a backpackers, and kept that up for nine years.

She decided to do the same in New Zealand, her hometown of Whangamata where she grew up living and surfing.

Kat loves Whangamata surf, there’s good spots to teach, a spot for her to have fun and surf, rivers, kayaking islands, fishing, all in a cool funky little town.

Whangamata surf is the safest beach rip wise, and the easiest place to learn. You look for areas that are off the main sand bank where most of the waves are breaking, and the rip is off to the side.

The “secret” Whangamata surf spots are Beach Break which has three points along the beach with a good sand bank, fun to learn on for all abilities. Next is the Bar, or the Whangamata bar which is a really good left hand breaker with a wall that keeps holding up, making for a long, nice ride to the end. This spot is for people with a little more experience unless it’s a small day. The most secret spot is River Mouth which has a smaller break, perfect for people just learning. It’s a bit less crowded than the others because it’s sort of hard to find.

The good thing about this place is there’s something here for every level of surfing.

Kat offers weekly packages: three days, five days, seven days, or two weeks. These can include boards, two a day lessons, for beginners or more intermediate lessons. They cater to whatever it is you’re after on your Whangamata surf adventure.

People come here and get really into surfing. They start to surf and they stay. Hence the name… the Surf and Stay.

Kat also has a job at a local surf shop, Salt Water that’s near by. It was started the year she was born, and she’s hung out there since she was young. He sets Kat up with wetsuits, board, clothing, wax, anything you’d need to hit the Whangamata surf.

There’s football, bourbon and coke, home made pizza on Sunday, fire pits, there’s always something going on.

When you come to Whangamata, surf and stay and the  Surf and Stay! Book here, or if you’re in the area its on Beverly Terrace if you can’t find it, or find Kat in Salt Water.

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