Kakapo Lodge Hanmer Springs

We enjoyed our one night, rolling visit through Hanmer Springs. It was sort of a couple’s town, so we’re glad we had each other. We enjoyed the bar scene, went to a few bars and pubs with live music and a large crowd of about eight people.

Why do people come to Hanmer Springs? There are hot springs, of course. There’s a therapeutic pool with rushing water that sort of massages you. Some mountain biking, not very good skiing, etc.

They also provide swim suits and towels for $5 which is nice. We met some nice people, some pretty girls, and really enjoyed it.

For our Hanmer Springs accommodation we stayed in Kakapo Lodge which was great. There’s no bunks, they have all single beds with nice big rooms. It was very comfortable, clean, and modern. The showers are nice, the kitchen is nice, where we enjoyed some really good French toast. No comment on the internet since we went out and got drunk instead.

It’s winter but I could see it being a nice, outdoor place with BBQs and balconies in the summer.

We left a nice message in the message book from Robert Gato and myself, and he even drew a picture.

It was super cheap, for $27 I’d definitely stay there again, and most likely will.

We had a lot more to say yesterday, but the battery died.

Overall we loved Hanmer Springs, we loved our Hanmer Springs accommodation and we would definitely recommend.

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