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Dunedin is the second largest city on the south island and the seventh largest city in New Zealand.

So whats the first thing you need to get organised in Dunedin? Accommodation.

It was May 2015 when we visited and and stayed at Manor House Backpackers.

Why would you visit Dunedin?

Mainly, people come to Dunedin for a party, its a big student town and there is regularly something happening.

Sensible people come because Dunedin is really beautiful, the Otago Peninsula, Sandfly Beach and Tunnel Beach are all really close.

We saw an amazing sunset at Sandfly Beach and seals, and a penguin – thankfully there weren’t any sandflies, maybe because it was May.

Tunnel Beach is beautiful and romantic – check out the story here.

The Otago Peninsula is a stunning drive, or cycle, or walk, depending on how much time and energy you have. Expect to see cool little boat houses, shags, seals, albatrosses and, if you are lucky, Blue Penguins and Sea Elephants. If you time it right you will see an amazing sunset reflecting off the bay.

Why stay at Manor House Backpackers?

Being a city there is a reasonable range of Dunedin accommodation to choose from. We chose to stay at The Manor House Backpackers because it was cheap – $21 dollars a night in a nine bed dorm.

Of course, you may want to consider if you want to be in a nine bed dorm as Dunedin is a proper party town, expect to find people drinking in the dorm and coming in late, drunk.

That can be a little bit annoying.

Manor House Backpackers is in a big old, cool colonial building, it has unlimited wifi, free towels, there are lots of people from all over the world, friendly staff, a nice lounge area with lots of DVD’s and it was super cosy.

New Zealand Travel Review’s advice, go to Dunedin, stay in the Manor House Backpackers – we really liked it.

You can book your place at Manor House Backpackers here.

Maybe avoid the dodgy hotel that we cant remember the name of :/

Have you been to Dunedin?

Did you stay at the Manor House Backpackers?

If so, leave a review below so the people know what to expect.

And if you know of other Dunedin accommodation that you would recommend let us know about that in the comments.

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NZ Travel Review says:

New Zealand Travel Review’s advice, go to Dunedin, stay in the Manor House Backpackers – we really liked it.

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