The Cat’s Pyjamas, Whitianga

Here I am in Whitanga, its mid August and I’m enjoying some lovely weather and an ice
cream cone.

On my way from (city name) to (City name) I was looking for a pie and stumbled across
Whitanga. Accommodation was not a priority, but I didn’t feel like driving anymore so I
made this home base for the night.
I never found my pie, but I enjoyed a bacon egg burger on the beach with some fries and a
beautiful view.

I’m not sure what people come to Whitanga for, but I know one thing, they don’t come for
the surf. Water taxis are big here that take you out to Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove,
for beautiful views, amazing ice cream, and friendly people as always.

While driving around looking for my accommodation – click this link and I stumbled across the Cats
Pyjamas Backpackers, a quaint, local hostel.

Was it the Cat’s pajamas? Not sure. But it was great nonetheless.

For $25 a night, it did the trick.
It’s very comfortable with a big TV room, not far from the beach. There’s a big painted wall
from people all over the world who have stayed here. Overall, it’s a great op9on for
Whitanga accommodation if you’re looking for a chilled few days.

The owner Wendy is very nice, say hello to him for me.

The only problem—bad wifi. When you have this beauty to marvel at, you don’t need wifi,
but maybe if you’re there for business, this isn’t the best op9on for your Whi9anga

I had a nice breakfast outside the next day, a word to the wise: don’t leave your food
una?ended. My meal was nearly swooped up by some seagulls but I fought them off and ate
it anyway.

Can you catch diseases from Whitanga seagulls? I don’t know… stay tuned.

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