Prince Albert, Nelson

Prince Albert, Nelson

I’m here with “Bob Gato” a guy from my hostel who is hitchhiking across the country, heading South. It’s a beautiful day in the middle of July in the middle of New Zealand. We’re in Nelson, which is also the sunniest part of New Zealand.

We’ve learned you should be careful here, cause people seem to get stuck in Nelson. A lady at our hostel came to pass through seven years ago and never left.

Our Nelson accommodation was lovely, we stayed at the Prince Albert. Not sure where the name comes from, since that’s also the name for a penis piercing

Anyway, the place is an amazing backpackers. It’s the third time I’ve stayed there now. It’s like and English bar brassiere with a hostel attached. The beds are super comfortable, the showers are great, the internet is great. The meal deal, is two courses for $10, with some pretty solid food. I had roast pork and apple crumble, can’t beat that.

They’re really friendly, really professional, but a lot of people that have been there a long time so maybe it’s a bit cliquey. There’s a TV room with a bunch of videos and DVDs, its all really good

We loved our Nelson accommodation, I keep coming back, even though I feel like I should try-out some other places. We think it’s one of the best hostels in New Zealand.

Come to Nelson for the beach, for the sun, Nelson Lakes, do some hiking.
So we would definitely recommend the Prince Albert, the hostel not the piercing, as a perfectly lovely option for Nelson accommodation.

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