Tahuna Pod Hostel Review, Queenstown

Hello from the road, it’s Wednesday April 22nd, 2015 and we’re heading out of Queenstown on the way to Invercargill, which about a 2.5-hour drive down some windy roads to the very tip of the South Island.

I’m with Ana from Germany, we’re here to talk about our Queenstown accommodation and the place we met– the Tahuna Pod Hostel.

We thought it was a really nice hostel, there was a lot of privacy because the pods were like long bunks. It felt a bit like being in a coffin I’d imagine, but it was cool. Each pod had its own outlets also, but they were at the bottom of the bed which was a bit annoying.

The hostel does free (soup?) free WiFi, free popcorn on request, free coffee, free breakfast— toast and cereal. The staff is lovely, and all of the facilities are really clean. It’s a very sociable place but not too noisy. We really liked it!

I think it was $33-36 a night for a six bed dorm, and couples are able to get a double pod with a bit of privacy.

I would definitely stay here again and maybe even say this is my number one recommendation for Queenstown accommodation.

I’d say Tahuna Pod Hostel is my second favorite hostel in all of New Zealand, the first being the Prince Albert in Nelson which has a similar feel.

New Zealand Travel Review’s advice would be to go out of your way to stay at the Tahuna Pod Hostel while you’re in Queenstown for a really positive experience all around.

You can book your spot at the hostel  here.

I stayed for two nights and was kicked out before the third because they had no availability. So I would say book in advance because this place fills up quickly.

Have you stayed at Tahuna Pod Hostel? Did you enjoy it as much as we did?

Leave a comment or share any experiences with your Queenstown accommodation so everyone knows what to look forward to!

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